Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Regarding the object , the present general conditions of sale and service have to define the conditions under which the spaces Phone Service Center offering , to the customer , a service offering to use and after-sales service consists of services provided by the teams Phone Service Center

Support Phone Service Center, the quote or invoice of services implies acceptance by the customer of these terms . Any deviation or conflict with these it be brought or sent to Phone Service Center by any other means , is ineffective against Phone Service Center unless formally accepted in writing by Phone Service Center.

The fact that Phone Service Center or the client does not prevail at a given moment of any provision of these terms shall be construed as a waiver on his part , to take advantage later of any of the said provisions .

Regarding the definition of benefits, it is given as an indication. Benefits are available to all customers using the services and / or products partners brands Phone Service Center Operators, Manufacturers , insurers etc.

As part of this agreement Phone Service Center offers the customer the choice of a service offer to use ( SAU ) repair and after-sales service (SAV) assistance or training as benefits mentioned in the list below not exhaustive : personalized diagnostics , backup your data , Setting up your mobile , upgrading of mobile software , repair your phone in case of failure , breakage or oxidation ; Changing parts and accessories, Loan of a mobile in case of immobilisation , Renovation in case of wear or accidental damage , accessories offers for optimal use, training in the use of innovative or complex products.
These services can be purchased separately and be supplemented and / or modified depending on the product , requests partner Phone Service Center and the technical requirements , time or availability of products, including spare parts. Each of the available services will be promoted at the end of a personalized diagnosis and will be at the customer’s request , of information on the proposed intervention.

Any service performed on the client laptop or on their mobile or other device can be realized in his presence, Phone Service Center can not be held responsible for any malfunction of the client systems. The client agrees to communicate Phone Service Center information necessary for operation as password , the password for example.

Regarding the conditions for intervention , the services are provided by an advisor Phone Service Center within the space Phone Service Center Depending on the expected duration of the intervention, the availability of advisers and technicians immediate intervention , decision date or date of return will be proposed indication, the client , complexity or duration of response ranging indicatively from 40 minutes up to 35 days for more complex repairs under the contractual terms after sales service which the terminal belongs. If unable to finalize the procedure for technical problems or repair impossible ( mobile HS , oxidized , unavailable rooms) , personalized diagnosis will remain due by the customer.

Regarding prices, the above described services will be billed according to the current price list ( package) or custom quote . The applicable prices are include all taxes based on the prices communicated to the customer . Our services and products (accessories) are subject to 17% VAT which will appear on the bill at the request of the customer, especially for businesses.

Regarding the operating point of the responsibility, Phone Service Center implements all means necessary for the proper performance of the services. Responsibility for Phone Service Center can not be held liable for mishandling of timeout or non-compliant use of the terminal by the customer. In particular, responsibility for Phone Service Center will not be sought if the particulars provided in the manufacturer’s documentation and / or operator or insurer are not met by the customer.
The client acknowledges being aware that buying a backup of its data may be required prior to the intervention of Phone Service Center if the terminal allows. If the media does not allow or if the client refuses to accede to such a backup, the client acknowledges having been informed that the intervention of Phone Service Center may result in loss of part or all of its data and accepts the consequences .

Phone Service Center guarantees the confidentiality of information collected from customers and undertakes in particular not to disclose any such information to any person whatsoever, and in particular not to use any part of any other duty on behalf of any other person, or for personal gain .

As regards applicable law, any question or dispute relating to the performance of the services will be governed by Israeli laws . As regards the resolution of disputes , Phone Service Center and the client will attempt to resolve amicably any dispute concerning the performance of the services . Failing amicable settlement, either party will seize the competent court. Phone Service Center takes up residence at the headquarters of the SAS Phone Service Center, 104 Ahuza Raanana . Regarding the validity of the clauses, the invalidity of the clauses of the General Conditions does not result in nullity of these terms and the parties undertake to substitute a similar lawful clause.

For any further information, please complete our contact form.

Head Office : Phone Service Center, Ahuza 104 Raanana

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