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Phone Service Center is the leading European chain specializing in the repair of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.
Point Service Mobiles, the parent company, is a French network with 200 repair centers, handling more than 400,000 repair jobs annually and continually expanding. Currently we are active in Israel, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Tunisia, Côte d’Ivoire, and Canada.

The objective at Phone Service Center is to start fixing your device immediately, on the spot, and finish within 40 minutes. You’re invited to enjoy a cup of coffee while work proceeds, and your device will return to you promptly in working condition.
No long waits, no trips to proprietary repair centers. In short: quick and easy service.
We offer high-quality repairs for all major brands, including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, etc.
Our teams bring skills that are sharpened at periodic sessions of intensive training, and use professional diagnostic equipment.



82% of the time, you’ll receive a repair on the spot within 40 minutes. If your smartphone needs a more lengthy repair, you’ll be offered a temporary replacement phone.
Broken and Corroded?phones undergo immediate diagnostics and you receive an individualized estimate.
In order to preserve your personal data, our technicians offer a data backup (list of contacts, calendar, and other files) which is restored after the repair work.
All our repairs are guaranteed for 1 year.


In order to deliver a quality service, the tools used by our technicians are state-of-the-art equipment and we only source part from reputable suppliers. Aside from our Technician zones where customers are welcome to observe the repair process, we also offer all customers a complimentary hot drink whilst they wait and the opportunity to use our in-store tablets to browse the net.


Phone Service Center doesn’t offer mobile contacts, just the opportunity to benefit from a high quality guaranteed repair. Our technicians are at your disposal to advise and assist you in the use of your device.
However, in order to add more comfort and safety to the use of your smartphone, we offer you a large range of accessories (protective cases, screen protectors, mini speakers, headphones and chargers) which will benefit from an additional discount if you’ve already taken a repair with us.
Martine Bocquillon, chairwoman of Point Service Mobiles (Phone Service Center in Israël): ” By choosing to become part of our network, our franchisees choose the path of excellence within the market of repairs of mobile phones. We offer a standardised concept allowing them to have access to quality interventions and fully enter the spirit of the company “repair more to throw out less “.

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An International Network 

Phone Service Center is active not only in Europe (Germany, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom) but also in Côte d’Ivoire, Tunisia, the Dominican Republic, and Canada.

The international expansion of our network under the name Phone Service Centre

Phone Service Center is the European leader specialize in repairing Mobiles, Smartphones and Tablets .
The headOffice Point Service Mobiles, French network of more than 200 service centers , handles over 400,000 repairs and is continually expanding . We are currently located in Israel, Belgium, Luxembourg, France , Germany, the UK , Spain, Tunisia , Ivory Coast and Canada.

The objective of Phone Service Center is to immediately repair your device on site, and this in less than 40 minutes. You are invited to enjoy coffee during the repair of your device, which you recover soon after, functional again.
No long waiting time, no shipping to external repair centers … In short : a quick and easy service.
We offer a high quality repair service for all major brands such as Apple, Samsung , Nokia, LG , HTC, etc.
Our employees regularly receive intensive training and utilize professional diagnostic tools .


Point Service Mobiles is Phone Service Centre’s French mother company. First PSM shop opened in Paris in 2006, since then the company built a 200 shops’network specialised in Repair of mobile phones and tablets, and accredited by manufacturers. PSM began internationalising its activities since 2013.

boutique PSC Stuttgart

The establishment of PSC in Stuttgart at the end year 2013 launches the internationalisation process.The network now spreads in many major cities in the country: a 2nd PSC in Stuttgart and openings in Sindelfingen, Ludwigsburg, Heilbronn, Deggendorf, München, MülheimKärlich, Duisburg, Hamburg.


The first Belgian Phone Service Center opened in Brussels in 2013. Since this opening, the Phone Service Center network has structured itself in major cities in Belgium – Antwerp, Liège, Mortsel, Charleroi and Namur – but also in cities in Luxembourg Esch-sur-Alzette and Belval.


The first 2 PSC opened in Spain settled in Madrid : in centre of Madrid, as well as in the periphery in the Carrefour shopping mall El Pinar. The Master Franchise plans to open in all major Spanish cities.

boutique PSC abidjan
Ivory Coast

The Master Franchise West Africa began its development through openings of repair centers in Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast. The technical teams await in Plateaux-Vallons and in the Mediastore Cap Sud.

boutique PSC Londres
United Kingdom

The Master Franchise in United Kingdom has been settled since 2014. Located in Marylebone, in the heart of London, the store welcomes its clients for a 40 minutes reparation and without any appointment !

boutique PSC Tunis La Marsa

The first two Phone Service Center in the MENA area were opened in Tunisia in January 2015, in Tunis : in the neighborhood La Marsa and in centre-ville. The other two repair centres are located in the cities of Sousse and Menzah.


Canadian master franchise is developing under the brand name Mobile Klinik. The first repair center opened on Monday September 14th 2015 in Ottawa, Ontario, in Saint Laurent Centre mall. Mobile Klinik network plans to open 60 new shops in North America in the next 3 years.








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