iPhone Repairs

What Phone Service Center can do for you :

Phone Service Center will fix your broken iPhone within 40 minutes, 82% of the time.*
If your iPhone fails within the 1-year guarantee period, PSC may replace your iPhone with an equivalent one.
If your iPhone is broken or Corroded? PSC can have it back in shape on the spot.
If we need to keep your phone a while, we’ll lend you one (subject to availability).

Problem identified immediately and individualized estimate provided 

1-year guarantee on all our repairs

* Subject to availability of spare parts

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Screen Replacement

Touch screen LCD or broken ? cracked ? We perform the replacement of the spare part in less than 60 minutes.

Charging and Battery

Charging your smartphone does not perform optimally ? Your battery discharges quickly ? We repair the device or replace the battery.

Software update

Your tablet or iPad undergoest slowness? Bugs repeatedly? We update your device softwareto correct these problems.

Liquid Damage

Your smartphone suffers from water ingress ? We can repair your device in less than 60 minutes.

Home Button

The Home button on your iPad is not responding? We perform the replacement of the part.

Other repairs

For any problem on your tablet or iPad (defective speaker, charge connector damaged, etc) we are at your disposalfor immediate diagnosis and personalised estimate repairs.


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