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Backup Battery

Your Smartphone regularly runs out of battery by the end of the day ? Get yourself a backup battery (2600 or 4000 mAh according to your needs) and recharge your smartphone whenever and wherever you need to.


We propose wall chargers, cables, car chargers for any type of Smartphones & Tablets. Wireless Charging (Induction)

Wireless Charging (Induction)

If you have a compatible Smartphone (Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S6 for example), we have induction chargers to recharge your smartphone without any need to plug it. We are also able to make your Samsung (Galaxy Note 2, 3, Galaxy S3, S4 and S5) compatible with induction charging, via a compatible card put on the battery. We also propose iPhone cases that permit to recharge your Smartphone in a wireless way.


To protect your smartphone, we propose a wide range of protection accessories : Protection Case (depending on the case, your smartphone is protected from shocks, scratches, heat or dust) Protection tempered glass (thick glass which improves significantly shock resistance) Protective film for screen (laying done by our technicians) to avoid scratches and/or to keep your screen reflects-proof.

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